Zhuhai keeps tight grip on communities

As workers begin to return from around the country to cities neighboring Macau, especially Zhuhai, strict management of neighborhoods is being put into effect. Non-residents of housing estates are not allowed to enter at all, while deliveries are placed in central locations from where they can be collected by residents.

According to local media, the key guidelines are as follows:

  1. Anyone from Zhuhai still stranded in areas of the country where coronavirus cases have been reported “heavily infected” are forbidden to return to Zhuhai until the provincial government has lowered its emergency response rate accordingly.
  2. All residential districts and villages in the city shall implement “closed management”. This means:
    1. Non-owners or non-villagers are restricted from entering. 
    2. Items delivered by courier, takeaway, etc. are sent to a designated area for centralized storage and management, and are collected by the customer. 
    3. Owners or villagers are not allowed to receive visitors from the epidemic-stricken areas.
  3. All residential communities and villages must set up checkpoints at entrances and exits to monitor temperatures of those who enter. Anyone with a temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius should be told to report to a medical institution for timely consultation and their identity must be reported to their village or neighborhood committee.
  4. Owners or villagers are responsible for ensuring their renters comply with all regulations.

Units and individuals who violate the above provisions will be investigated according to law and regulations.

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