Young Macao entrepreneurs pursue GBA plans

Dai Jianye, Director of the Economic Bureau of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government, said more than 250 young Macau entrepreneurs have pursued opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, of which 70% have settled in Hengqin New Area.

Speaking at the “Finance Hengqin Forum” in Zhuhai, Dai said that in advancing the construction of the Greater Bay Area, the Macau government hopes to involve the younger generation and enhance their sense of participation and gain. Therefore, the SAR government has carried out a series of work, focusing on supporting the capacity building of Macau’s youth, including working closely with cities in the Greater Bay Area to promote the implementation of a number of measures to facilitate the learning, employment and entrepreneurship of Macau’s youth in the Mainland.

In order to fully cooperate with the country’s work to promote public entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote the development of innovation, in recent years, the SAR government has taken a multi-pronged approach from financing, training, consulting, docking, and hardware to provide policy support for youth innovation.

“Hengqin is our important partner in supporting the youth of Macau in the innovation and entrepreneurship in the Greater Bay Area,” Dai was quoted as saying.

In 2016, Hengqin’s Youth Entrepreneurship Valley became one of the first government-run youth incubators to cooperate with the government of the SAR, providing an important experience and foundation.

At present, Macau has established cooperation mechanisms with multiple incubation institutions in six other GBA cities. Projects have included consultancies, competitions, and training. At the same time, discussions with more institutions are continuing to expand the network of cooperation.

In addition, Dai said Macau was also working hard to make good use of the function that the country has given to the Sino-Portuguese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exchange Center, actively exploring high-quality dual-innovation resources in Portuguese-speaking countries such as Portugal and Brazil.