Yang Liping’s Works – Dance Theater “Spring Festival”

The dance drama “Spring Festival”, which is widely regarded as the pioneer of modern dance, is a ballet created by American Russian composer Stravinsky. It has been performed for more than 100 years.

The modern dance drama of Yang Liping’s “Spring Festival” will be held on November 7th with Zhu Jintian and He Xundian and other artists to launch a great adventure on this life “password”. She proposed the concept of “reincarnation”: life is no longer It is only born to death, but from birth to death, to the reincarnation of Nirvana; women are no longer passive sacrifices, but take the initiative to dedicate themselves. “Spring Festival” runs through Yang Liping’s past sense of form and Yang’s stage aesthetics. Manchu is filled with 999 mysterious symbols. A practitioner who exists in parallel time and space, is on the earth, and dancers are among them.

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