Wynn — Post Haywain

From now to 6th October, Wynn Macau partnered with local artists and curators to present an art exhibition entitled ‘Wynn — Post Haywain’. The exhibition will showcase a series of artworks created by local artists, continually adding artistic and cultural vitality to Macau as well as supporting its local cultural and creative development.

‘Wynn — Post Haywain’ is co-curated by Wynn and Blanc Art Macau. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Macau’s return to China, the exhibition contextualizes Macau’s vibrant development in 20 years. Under the theme “Post Haywain”, the exhibition explores the changes and current situations in today’s society with a series of contemporary art pieces, with hope that the development of contemporary art in Macau will usher in a new, exciting chapter.

Curator Emilia Tang said: “Having already shaken off the pure pursuit of beauty to become a kind of cultural reflection on the present world, contemporary art is a mirror of contemporary society. That reflection might be strange and magnificent, or it could be faint and pale, but however seemingly impossible, it is echoing the reality around us.” The exhibition includes a series of diverse artworks such as oil painting, photography and sculpture, created by three famous local artists, Choi Su Weng, Wu Chong Wai and Rusty Fox. These artworks show an invisible realism and reveal the essence of beauty, as depicted in another famous masterpiece, “Haystack”, by Hieronymus Bosch, which fully demonstrates the pursuit of materialism in life and the symbolic depiction of human nature.

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