Wanzai Port starts up again next week

The Wanzai Port and the Inner Harbour Ferry will resume operations next Thursday. The main body reinforcement, interior decoration, equipment installation and commissioning of the port have been completed. At present, the construction of weather corridors, parking lots and bus stop passages is stepping up. It is expected that 160 new parking spaces will be added when customs clearance is resumed, and there is a walking passage connecting the bus station on the south side.

The periphery of Wanzai Port is still a construction scene. The construction of supporting facilities such as comprehensive management of the surrounding areas, public transportation facilities, parking lots, pedestrian walkways, weather corridors, and security inspections is being accelerated. Construction workers will provide temporary buildings on both sides of the front of the port. Demolition and clearing, the original narrow port square was widened, and at the same time, the access road to the public bus station on the south side of the port was opened to facilitate customs clearance passengers to quickly connect to the port. In addition, there will be about 160 additional parking spaces on both sides of the port.

Customs clearance time will be extended from 7 am to 10 pm. Thirty-four sailings will be increased to 110, with one departing approximately every fifteen minutes.

Passengers are required to purchase tickets at the port with a real-name system with valid documents such as the Hong Kong and Macau Pass. Online ticket purchases and WeChat pre-purchase services are not yet available. Discounts will be available.

Source: Macao Daily News

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