Visual Arts Exhibitions of Macao Higher Education Institutions

Macau’s colleges and universities are holding a large number of visual arts exhibitions with rich themes and diverse forms, reflecting the artistic vitality of young students.
Under the support and encouragement of the Higher Education Bureau, Macau’s higher education institutions have been organizing visual arts exhibitions and performances. These activities have been arranged by students and academic staff, together with professional associations local and abroad, showcasing youngers’ creativity and the vitality of their art.
As one of the“Growing with the SAR”Activity Series, Visual Arts Exhibitions of Macau Higher Education Institutions is a display that has made an effort to share the happiness of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau SAR with the public.
From June to October, there have been exhibitions of photography, paintings and videos, performance galas and graduation exhibitions that cover cross-media, photography, design and architecture..