The Study-Abroad Life of a Macau Son

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

He Qihua, a young student who grew up in Macau, has expanded his horizons by studying in Beijing and overseas. He is interested in the development of Macao and Dawan District and has unlimited limits for the future.

Wearing solid short sleeves, shorts, carrying backpacks and black-rimmed glasses, He Qizhen is as modest, friendly and rigorous as ordinary college students. Growing up in Macau, he has benefited from the diversity and compatibility of local humanities, and has a more inclusive attitude. His rich experience in learning has also broadened his horizons.
At the age of fourteen, He Qihua went to Beijing International School for two years, then completed high school in the United States and entered Georgetown University to study international relations. Comparing the three different experiences in Macau, Beijing and abroad, He Qizhen said that after leaving Macao, he discovered the uniqueness and richness of Macao. Macao’s more relaxed and comfortable environment gave him the opportunity to fully find and cultivate his own interests. Under the influence of multiculturalism and history, he was very interested in politics and chose to study international relations.
In Beijing for two years, He Qihua felt the flourishing development of China and liked a big city like Beijing with a long history and a humanistic atmosphere. In Beijing, he initially overcome the cultural and language limitations in Macao and laid the foundation for quick adaptation and learning after going abroad. Located in Washington, Georgetown University provides a social environment and resources for the study and research of international relations. In the three years of the university, He Qihua has further strengthened his research on international relations. He has just experienced the US general election in the United States. He no longer understands international relations from news and books alone. He also has a real understanding of the political situation and discovered the system. The social problems underneath have stimulated interest and enthusiasm for professional research.
Later, He Qihua completed the exchange of study and life in Israel for five months, and was exposed to the Jewish history, religion and culture that had always been of interest, and had a deeper understanding of the conflict between Israel and Pakistan. He added that on Saturdays, especially not used to Israel, every time I want to have a good weekend, I can’t do anything outside. Because of the “Sabbath” tradition, it is not possible to work on this day, so every Saturday, Israel’s public transportation and shops are all closed, which is very inconvenient.
In the just-concluded exchange of British exchanges, He Qihua felt the negative impact of “Brexit” on local people and society, divided the locals into two factions, and participated in discussions on some of Huawei’s participation in the 5G construction in April. . These experiences and a series of associations and games between countries have broadened He Qizhen’s international vision and made it a comprehensive view of the research and discussion of international relations.
He Qihua lamented that Macao has developed rapidly in recent years. Talking about the planning of Dawan District, He Qihua believes that this is a good opportunity for Macao. He sincerely hopes to develop and protect the unique cultural traditions of Macao. The different folk styles in the Chinese, Portuguese and Guangdong areas are only preserved and blended here. I hope that this diversity and unique performance have been passed down. This is also his years. The wandering out of the complex. When talking about his future plans, He Qihua said that he still has one year of study, and he has decided to continue the analysis and research of international relations in the future, and apply what he has learned. He has an infinite embarrassment for the future.

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