The Long Journey

The “Starry Miles” series of exhibitions, presented jointly by the Macao Museum of Art and the National Palace Museum, brought a unique artistic feast to audiences in Macau.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of the return of Macau, the Art Museum and the Forbidden City held an unprecedented large-scale series of exhibitions to show the cultural treasures related to the Maritime Silk Road. These have led audiences to retrace the magnificent history of Chinese and Western cultural exchanges.

“Thousands of Rivers and Mountains Map 3.0” is the first of the series, which was unveiled last month. The exhibition uses digital multimedia, interactive experiences, space furnishings, and other ways to show the extraordinary charm of the “Thousands of Rivers and Mountains”, one of China’s top ten famous paintings. The dynamic digital scroll “Thousands of Rivers and Mountains Map 3.0” with a total length of 35 meters and a height of 7 meters is the world’s first dynamic digital scroll with real-time layered rendering core technology and a time conversion system. It combines traditional art and new digital technology.

The original painting “Thousands of Rivers and Mountains” now hidden in the Palace Museum is the only work handed down by the Northern Song Dynasty painter Wang Ximeng. The masterpiece of the entire volume is regarded as the peak of the green landscape in the Song Dynasty.

The second phase of the series, which includes the “Forbidden City and the Maritime Silk Road” and the “Forbidden City’s Culture and Education” exhibitions, will be held this month. The exhibition leads the audience through the course of cultural exchange between China and the West via the Maritime Silk Road. Exhibits include the Qing Dynasty’s ancient collection from the Palace Museum, new cultural relics, porcelain, and handicrafts since the founding of the PRC, as well as the “recovery” of the landscape paintings and the construction of cultural relics. Classical and modern are intertwined, time and space are connected, which allows the audiences to understand the wisdom of the different nations of the Silk Road on the sea, and the changes brought to the world by science and art.

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