The Dainty Shangdong Cuisine

Master Wang Wei is good at making the official dish “Tan Jia Cai”. He specially designed a series of exquisite dishes for the Marriott Chinese Restaurant, showing the unique flavor of Shandong cuisine.

Grace Yu (text) JW Marriott Hotel Macau (photos)

Original article published only in Chinese
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As the head of China’s eight famous dishes, Lu Cai is famous for its “nothing to eat, no sorrow”. The self-contained “Tan Jia Cai” is famous for making complex dishes, exquisite cooking time and steps, and precious ingredients. Two seemingly unrelated cuisines are perfectly blended under the skill of Chinese chef Wang Wei. Master Wang Wei’s guest appearance in the Marriott Chinese Restaurant recently presented its unique beauty.

Master Wang Wei started his cooking career since he was 14 years old. In the early days, he used to cook Cantonese cuisine. After the opportunity, Wang Wanyou, the third generation descendant of “Tan Jiacai”, began to learn “Tan Jiacai”. Master Wang likes to travel to the Quartet. He also likes to learn to absorb local culture and authentic flavors during his journey and become an inspiration for creating dishes. At present, he is in Shandong, and the famous Lu cuisine has brought new possibilities to his dishes.

Oatmeal truffle sauce with four fresh abalone

Master Wang Wei’s self-contained eight-course set menu allows guests of the Marriott Chinese Restaurant to try the “Tanjia Cuisine”. The unique color, fragrance and flavor, including the squid and egg soup, the crisp and delicious government fried fried balls. With the famous sea cucumber with slow stewed soup, oatmeal and scallion, the oldest favorite dish of the past is the oatmeal sea cucumber. Another dish that should not be missed must be Tanfu bonfire veal. Slowly stew Angus beef with rock sugar, honey, soy sauce, soy sauce and dried tangerine peel. The veal meat is soft and delicious. Jiaodong sweet and sour large yellow croaker made from fresh yellow croaker is a traditional dish in Shandong Jinan and one of the representative dishes of Lu cuisine. The fried yellow croaker is golden in color, crispy and soft inside, and sweet and sour, delicious and delicious.

In addition to the eight-course set menu, there are a number of signature dishes of Master Wang Wei, including oatmeal truffle sauce and four fresh abalones. The fresh abalone is tender and tender like tofu, and the black truffle sauce is more delicious. Other selections of cold dishes such as ginger fish fillets, crystal knuckles, and sweet bean rolls.