The Cheesecake Factory debuts in Macau

The Cheesecake Factory, which originated in California, is popular in the United States for its wide variety of dishes and legendary cheesecakes. Since its inception, the Cheesecake Factory chain in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing has been loved and supported by the public and tourists from all over the world. Recently, the group’s Cheesecake Factory has been trialed at the Sands Cotai Central in Macau, attracting many dessert lovers with its wide-ranging menu.

The store decoration design continues the brand’s consistent style, with hand-painted murals and unique artistic lighting. The environment is warm and joyful, making guests feel like they are enjoying a slice of America.

The culinary team attaches great importance to quality of ingredients. For example, more than 100 kinds of sauces are made by the chefs from scratch. Each bowl is rich in materials. The Japanese selection of soups are particularly prepared with thorough attention to detail, and customers are often encouraged to taste it first themselves.

Especially tasty is the Luau Hawaiian Feast Salad: fresh vegetables, including pineapple, cucumber, red and yellow bell peppers, green beans, radishes and onions, stacked with juicy chicken breasts in a crispy crust. Sprinkled with macadamia nuts, peanuts and sesame to add a taste, mix with a choice of special vinegar juice, it’s very refreshing.

Mexican Vibrant Breakfast Cake is one of the newest collections, inspired by the classic Spanish sausage potato omelet, with Mexican soft tortillas with scrambled eggs and chicken sausage, plus scallions, Mexican smoked peppers and salsa. And, of course, black beans, butter and sour cream.

The restaurant has also introduced a local dish with a twist. Based on African Chicken, it has a blend of flavors from the era of when Portugal had colonies. These are made with sweet coconut curry and spicy peanut sauce, served up with crispy potato and – of course – melted cheese.

The cheesecakes are still the signature dish. In addition to the original, there is the fragrant Oreo Extraordinary Dream cheesecake, the flour-free smooth Godiva Chocolate cheesecake, and the layered Invincible Red Velvet cheesecake. Don’t forget to order one in the dessert section!

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