The 21st China International High-tech Fair

The 21st High-Tech Fair will be held from November 13th to November 17th, 2019 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and related sub-conference venues. There will be exhibitions (including national high-tech exhibitions, comprehensive exhibitions and professional exhibitions) and forums. Six major aspects, such as professional technical conferences, events, sub-venues and overseas chapters.

Exhibition: The exhibition of the high-tech fair includes four parts: the national high-tech exhibition, the comprehensive exhibition, the professional exhibition and the sub-meeting. Among them, the comprehensive exhibition includes innovation and scientific research exhibition, foreign group exhibition area and “One Belt and One Road” special exhibition, start-up technology enterprise exhibition, creator exhibition, high-tech service exhibition; professional exhibition including information technology and product exhibition, energy saving and environmental protection exhibition, new Energy Exhibition, Building Technology Innovation Exhibition, Smart Medical Health Exhibition, Photoelectric Display Exhibition, Smart City Exhibition, Aerospace Science and Technology Exhibition, Advanced Manufacturing Exhibition, Military-civilian Integration Exhibition, New Materials Exhibition, Sensing Technology and Internet of Things Application Exhibition; The venue included high-tech talents and intelligence exchanges, emergency safety technology exhibitions, etc.

Forum: including China High-tech Forum, high-level forums organized by national ministries, and major national information conferences.

Professional technical conferences: including special technical conferences, professional salon events, new product and new technology release.

Related activities: including project financing training sessions, project financing roadshows, project matching negotiation activities, overseas buyers on-site procurement fairs, awards activities, excellent innovative product display areas, etc.

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