Summer cocktails and mocktails

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

On the second floor of the Jinlihua Hotel, the semi-enclosed bar, the wine rack is full of dazzling, warm colors under the lights, antiques with a checkered display, cool fabric sofa, “winding gallery” bar ( Vasco-Bar and Lounge) has a taste and poetry.
Light green color, cool water vapor, cucumber and lemon become synonymous with summer refreshing. “A Midsummer Night Li Ying”, the summer heat without swearing, the overall taste is lighter.

Although there are high-quality Japanese sake and martini cocktails, the fresh and refreshing taste of fresh cucumber, lime, lemon and homemade lemongrass syrup will suppress the alcoholic taste, and a small amount of lemongrass will add flavor.
If the preference for alcohol is more serious, the “Margaret” will meet half of the fresh and half-sweet demand. It consists of tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lemon and honey syrup. It is also thicker and stronger than the first one.
Join the exclusive recipe – Jin Lihua’s homemade red wine “Jin Lihua Coconut Special Drink”, with coconut cream, rum, mango liqueur, refreshing pineapple cocktail, the smell is mellow, the entrance is sweet and fruity. Milkshake-like taste.
In addition, three non-alcoholic cocktails, “The Wizard of Oz” use cucumber and lime, slightly sour and refreshing, “source of energy” with red cattle with orange pomelo, sweet and sour, and “caramel gingerbread coffee” silky, It is mellow and retains freshness and fun, with a round of gingerbread and sea salt caramel as a seasoning, adding a sense of richness.
Exquisite snack platter – black pig with its own tomato sauce small toast, Feida cheese and Italian black vinegar with watermelon, Sarawak pepper cream and tuna with pineapple, also bring a rich taste buds.
Outside the window, the sun is hot, the water is flowing, the melting sputum; the indoor light tastes light, the whisper is breeze, and the coolness is quiet. Overlooking the hotel’s lively lobby and busy streetscape, I want to “ride the wind” and return to the summer.