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Located on the campus of the University of Macau, the “Macau Primary and Secondary School Students’ Science and Technology Practice Base” is a “young” comprehensive science promotion platform. Founded in 2018, the base is based on the Science and Engineering Science Promotion Center of the Australian University of Science and Technology and launches a series of STEM education programs.
STEM is an emerging educational concept that combines and applies practical knowledge such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to real life. It is now highly praised by countries around the world as a promotion of science. One of the means of creating talents in education and reserve science.
During the summer vacation this year, the University of Australia campus welcomed the youngest group of students from the 10 elementary schools in Macau to participate in the STEM theme summer camp organized by the “Macau Primary and Secondary School Students Science and Technology Practice Base”. Under the guidance of the professors and mentors of the University of Australia, the students mastered the concept of STEM through the construction of ships for typhoon relief. According to Miguel Costa, senior instructor in charge of the project, most of the summer camps in the past were for middle school students. For the first time this year, the popular summer camp was promoted to primary schools. The activity also combines the development of soft skills, and strives to improve students’ communication and collaboration skills, foster creativity and critical thinking.
In addition to supporting primary and secondary school and community science promotion activities to provide sustainable training for secondary school teachers and students, the base also promotes the development of science education in Macao through cooperation with various sectors.
Recently, the school has signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Portuguese National Science and Technology and Culture Promotion Agency to implement the cooperation between the two sides in STEM education and to increase the interest and concern of the public in the two places. Carlos Silvestre, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Macau’s School of Science and Technology, said that Portugal began to promote STEM in the 1990s. Young people have never been interested in science subjects, and now more and more young people are engaged in STEM-related studies or occupations. “The future development of Macao also requires talents in STEM. Whether they are engaged in directly related occupations in the future, the hands-on ability, judgmental thinking and problem-solving skills learned from STEM are the competitiveness required for future work.” He says.

(From left) Professor Carlos Silvestre, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Australian University of Science and Technology, Miguel Costa, Senior Instructor, Department of Computer and Information Science, School of Science and Technology, Associate Dean of the School of Science and Technology, Director of the Science and Engineering Science Promotion Center, Tan Jinrong

Professor Tan Jinrong, deputy dean of the School of Science and Technology of the University of Macau and director of the Science and Engineering Science Promotion Center, said that the future base will continue to launch lectures, summer camps, etc., and will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Portugal to promote more popular science practices in Portugal. Macau, assisting in the construction of a Sino-Portuguese science platform. He hopes that the base will also serve as a platform for STEM education research in the future to support the development of STEM in Macau.

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