Small and Medium Enterprises World Forum

Hosted by the Macau Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and the International Council of International Small and Medium Enterprises, and co-organized by Huiye Finance Group, the “International Small and Medium Enterprises Forum” with the theme “SMEs and Entrepreneurship-Leading the World” was held in Macau for the first time.

The forum brought together representatives of political leaders, authoritative scholars, entrepreneurs, SME owners and non-governmental organizations from around the world to attend, and invited representatives of global SME organizations to further explore and grasp the in-depth cooperation of the Greater Bay Area .

The forum discussed business opportunities, financial technology, smart cities, 5G development, Internet of Things, corporate humanism, supply chain and global trade, artificial intelligence and automation, women entrepreneurship, SMEs supporting tourism and hotel industry development, and education in the Greater Bay Area. Participants conducted in-depth discussions on the importance of the prosperous development of SMEs, while calling for the development of the Greater Bay Area to provide a huge potential market for SMEs worldwide.

The Chairman of the Macau Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Zong Jie Ji, said that this is the first time that the United Nations has supported NGOs in Macau in organizing activities to support SMEs. He added that SMEs in developed countries contribute 60 to 70% of GDP, but the contribution rate of SMEs to Macau’s GDP is only 20%, so there is still much room for catching up. It is expected that in the next five to ten years, Macau’s small and medium-sized enterprises will grasp the market opportunities through the development of innovative and creative industries and grow to the goal of 40%.

Ayman El Tarabishy, ​​chief executive officer of the International Parliamentary Federation of SMEs, said that the development of SMEs in most economic regions has played an important role, providing jobs on the one hand and supporting economic growth on the other. According to statistics, in 2030, the world needs to provide 600 million jobs for the growing labor force, reflecting that expanding SMEs is a priority for governments of all countries. China has the resources to support and expand SMEs. The “9+2” cities of the Greater Bay Area are becoming more closely linked to provide talent, innovation and solutions for key industries such as fashion, environmental management, information, communications technology and tourism.

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