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The Kings Indian Restaurant, which has been favored by Michelin for many years, broke through India.
The traditional impression of the dish brings an authentic and innovative exotic flavor.
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The Venetian Macao

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Chocolate dessert

As the French French Food Festival in Hong Kong and Macau, the French May Food Festival will return to the Loire Valley theme in May. As a participating restaurant, the three special restaurants of the Parisian Macao will present a series of authentics in May. French cuisine and fine wines.

The Parisian French restaurant will feature a four-course Loire Valley speciality menu prepared by French executive chef Daniel Brolese, paired with local wines. The specialties include white bamboo shoots with French ham and white wine Sabba juice, butter white parsley white wine boiled green mouth, white wine slow-cooked French sirloin duck leg with green beans, and a series of cheese platters from the Loire Valley.

Afternoon tea is an indispensable part of an authentic French experience. The salty lunch menu includes a mini French ham bag with butter and sour cucumber, a slow-cooked sirloin duck breast with pepper sauce and a Loire melon with dried ham, while desserts include French apple clams and red mulberry huts. Caron and Pear Apricot and so on. Don’t forget to order a glass of French cider or Saumur Brut Bouvet Ladubay.

On Fridays and Saturdays in May, the Parisian French restaurant also features music nights with live music and accordion playing classic French music, bringing French charm and entertainment to guests.

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