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Hotel Okura Macau has welcomed its new executive chef, Morita Takeda, to bring guests a new taste experience.

Takeda was born and raised in Tokyo. He has more than 20 years of culinary experience and has served many acclaimed hotels and restaurants in Japan. Before moving to the Okura Hotel in Macau, he worked at the historic Okura Hotel in Tokyo.

While paying tribute to traditional banquet cuisine, this creative chef never forgets to use seasonal ingredients to innovate: “For me, cooking is an art. I am always fascinated by combining unique ingredients with fresh ingredients to create a variety of A new dish with a mix of flavours and spices. “

The “Japanese restaurant” at the Hotel Okura Macau offers authentic Kyoto-style banquet dishes. The seasonal banquet cuisine follows the principle of not eating from time to time. The “eight inches” in spring is based on the theme of the New Year, with gold leaf black beans, Greek zero caviar, persimmon with vinegar red and white radish, kumquat honey boiled, cigu, plum taro and other seasonal fresh The ingredients, through the chef’s careful display, present both visual and taste enjoyment. The cooking uses ingredients that span winter and spring. The chef marinates Spanish mackerel with Japanese seasoning, adds grapefruit skin, and cooks slowly with Kyoto Maru turnip. The aroma of fish and the fresh taste of grapefruit meet in miso soup.

As a native of Tokyo, Takeda said that he would introduce the style of Okura Hotel Tokyo while inheriting Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine. With many years of cooking experience, Takeda hopes to impart his knowledge and skills to more aspiring young chefs.

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