Octoberfest is Coming!

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

The MGM Macau Oktoberfest will be revived from October 17th to 28th (except October 20th). On the 11th, the US-German MGM will bring the Germanic beer festival to the city. carnival.
MGM has hosted the Macau Beer Festival for the 11th consecutive year since 2009 and has since become one of Macau’s iconic annual grand events, and Ms. MGM has sought to present the most authentic Oktoberfest event in Macau. Colorful beer tents, traditional wooden long tables and chairs, designated beer Löwenbräu, special German meat dishes, colorful carnival game booths, etc.

The Högl Fun band, the soul performance team of the MGM Macau Oktoberfest, will once again come from Munich, singing and dancing to bring the atmosphere to the highest point, making guests feel like they are in Germany to experience the most authentic Oktoberfest.

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