Miss Macau 2019

Original article published only in Chinese 
Below is a machine-translated version

“Miss Macau Campaign 2019” ended successfully, showing the world’s unique style and feminine beauty to the world and enhancing the overall image of Macau’s international tourism city.
Since the establishment of the “Miss Macao Campaign” in 1972, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to the motherland, “Sun City Group presents: Miss Macau Campaign 2019” with the theme of “a gorgeous return of ten years, showing the true beauty of Macau”. The finals were held recently at the Venetian Golden Lights Museum in Macau.

After a comprehensive score of multiple competitions, No. 5 Jiali Liang Luo won the championship, the most beautiful Miss and Miss Friendship, and the runner-up won by No. 4 Jiali Qiu Guoqing. On the 9th, Jia Li Huang Rong won the third place.
The competition process is wonderful and compact. The quizzes between the candidates and the host and the judges, as well as their talents such as calligraphy, calligraphy, kungfu and dance, and the fashion show with the theme of Macao attractions also show their highlights. All the charm. Among them, the champion Liang Luojun is a “slash youth”, as a moderator, makeup artist, model and so on. In the Q&A session, she believes that the lobby area is the most suitable for young people in the slash, because it can link the economic, tourism and historical development of Macao, and the wise answer wins the appraisal and applause of the audience; in the talent show, she is wearing traditional The Chinese costumes show guzheng and Chinese dance, showing the talented side of the Macao women’s tradition.
As one of Macau’s most important events of the year, the event also invited Hong Kong popular bands Dear Jane and Supper Moment as guest performers to add to the atmosphere. A number of local singers participated in the show, demonstrating the local performing arts culture.
The event was jointly created by different local companies in Macau, including Macao local exhibitions, media, entertainment, design, music, art and other industries. It promoted Macau’s multiculturalism and corporate strength to the world and effectively enhanced the overall international tourism city of Macau. Image.