Melodies of Zheng

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The zither language is like water, and it turns beautiful. The sound of Zheng Zheng is like jade, and it is exquisite.
Hosted by He Zhanhao Music Studio, co-organized by MGM, Yang Yun Culture and Shuai Shuai Media jointly celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the 20th anniversary of the return of Macao, “The 60th Anniversary of Liang Zhu.

Let the world listen to the most beautiful Zheng Zheng and the first He Zhanhao Guzheng The International Competition of Works was successfully concluded at the MGM Theatre in Mt. MGM, and Professor He Zhanhao made his latest work in Macau for the first time.

The opening ceremony is divided into two chapters. The first chapter is “Zhengle Legend·Shengshihuazhang”, and the second chapter is “The Golden Years of the Golden Moon”. It is executed by the director of CCTV and hosted by the famous CCTV host Zhao Baole.

The famous opera masters Sheng Shuyang and Wang Shuwen (Shanghai Yue Theatre), the famous guzheng player Luo Jing, the young guzheng player Wu Rong and Zhang Qingyuan, and the Hong Kong Youth Philharmonic Orchestra were invited to perform live. Later, he performed the guzheng solo “Xiaohe Shushui” and released the new works of Professor He Zhanhao’s Guzheng: “The World of Chaos” and “The Western Country”. This year is also the 60th anniversary of the violin concerto of the famous composer He Zhanhao’s world-class music work “Liang Zhu”.

He Zhanhao, who studied the Yue opera, once said: “There is no “Leung Wish” without the drama.” “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” is the masterpiece of Yue Opera. He Zhanhao created the violin concerto “Liang Zhu” with the tunes in the Yue opera, and performed this well-known folk story. The highlight of the party was 60 guzheng ensemble “Liang Zhu”.

If the “Liang Zhu” in the Yue Opera is like a meticulous brushwork, then the violin concerto created by He Zhanhao is a big freehand brushwork, and the classic love story that has never been lost for thousands of years is closely related. As a returning gift to the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to the motherland, He Zhanhao hopes to develop and cultivate music talents through the competition.

At the same time, through Macao as a window of communication, the world will better understand the long-standing national music of China and listen to the most beautiful Zheng sound.

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