Melco focuses on career diversity for staff

With the coronavirus crisis leaving many staff across Macau’s integrated resorts probably feeling somewhat under-utilized, it is a good time to be focused on skills training. In that light, Melco has shared some interesting details of its ongoing commitment to local talent development through the group’s Foundation Acceleration Program (FAP).

At the heart of this program is Melco’s “Whole Person Development” philosophy, which is the belief that staff should have as much generalist exposure to the company’s diverse range of operations as possible. They are given this opportunity through the in-house program to augment skills, gain new experience, and build their knowledge bases. All of this will help to broaden and strengthen their longer-term career paths.

The company has approved more than 26,000 internal promotions and transfers throughout its global operations to date.

Through this program, participants are able to gain a deeper and more holistic understanding of the company’s operations. Colleagues are placed in roles they normally would not be exposed to, challenging them with new experiences in entirely different areas. This is done proactively through regular information sessions, at which staff can explore a wide variety of options.

Take the example of Frankie Yuen Pak Long, currently an assistant manager in the HR department. After 10 years in HR, he was able to try his hand at working in a call center. This was both eye-opening and beneficial, he said. “The three months spent working at the call center really helped to broaden my knowledge of the scope of work taken care of by other departments. In a corporation as large as Melco, we wouldn’t normally be exposed to the responsibilities and ins and outs of tasks of our inter-departmental peers. Through FAP, I came to realize that the efforts of many colleagues enable us to deliver memorable experiences to each guest. Aside from developing new technical skills, the experience also helped to enhance my strategic and analytical abilities, as well as the development of interpersonal skills. I would recommend the program to any colleague interested in pursuing personal growth and career development.”

Another recent enrollee, Roger Yan Chi Chun, operations manager for security, is looking forward to a similar experience as he has signed up to work in the marketing department for a change. “I joined the security department 12 years ago for the opening of Altira Macau, and am hugely excited at the prospect of joining the marketing team for the next three months. I see this as an invaluable opportunity to broaden knowledge across fields, learning from professional peers in the field of marketing, and to learn better people skills, as well as improving coordination with various departments after learning more about their operational challenges.”

The company is clearly happy with the results of the program. Akiko Takahashi, executive vice president and chief of staff to the company’s chairman & CEO, said: “Melco believes that the future of Macau is about local talent being prepared for a multitude of jobs and opportunities. This requires a proactive, aggressive and systematic process to enable our colleagues to learn not only their jobs, but other functions also. This philosophy is enabled as a culture because the top leadership at Melco is invested and committed to the development of local talent. We will continue the company’s lifelong learning through Whole Person Development via the in-house Learning Academy, including Melco YOU-niversity and Back-to-School programs.”

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