Macau flights still grounded in near term

Bloomberg managed to get a few pulses racing this morning with a report saying that Chinese airlines were starting to ramp up capacity again after six weeks of drastic cuts during the coronavirus outbreak.  

According to the report, scheduled airline capacity within China is up more than 25% by 1.3 million seats week-on-week thanks to a rebound in domestic capacity. In total, 7,923 flights will be reintroduced this week. 

Here in Macau, however, no indication is being given of when a return to normal can be expected from the airlines serving the city. That is, perhaps, for obvious reason: most visitors from the mainland need a permit – the IVS – which is still suspended. 

Still, we had to ask.  

Air Macau says it is maintaining flights to several cities in the mainland and Asia, and that it will start to resume other cancelled flights sometime “in March”. Here is the list of current destinations.   

China Southern and China Eastern, the two biggest Chinese carriers, said they would only be resuming flights at a later date. China Southern said “May”, while China Eastern said “April”. Both said they would likely only get an update from their headquarters in mid-March. 

Stay tuned. 

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