Macau cleared to move Cotai checkpoint to Hengqin

Macau’s Lotus Port checkpoint has been formally approved to move over to the new Hengqin Port area and will open on December 20. This was confirmed by the National People’s Congress, which formally voted on Friday last week to lease a portion of the port area to Macau so that joint immigration and customs facilities can be managed there.

The Macau government has not yet clarified what the transport arrangement will be for passengers coming to and from Cotai via the Lotus Bridge once the Hengqin Port is operational. At present, there is a small shuttle bus that takes people across the “no man’s land” between the two existing checkpoints. But passenger flows are expected to surge once the new Hengqin Railway Station opens, and the existing service will not likely be able to cope.

Moreover, because buses will no longer need to depart from and terminate at the Lotus Bridge checkpoint, it will be possible for point-to-point bus services to be introduced at the Hengqin Port. No announcement of any such arrangement has been made yet.

It is also unclear whether private cars will still need cross-border license plates in order to access the Macau area of the Hengqin Port.

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