Living in Heaven

The “Hometown” Cai Guojie Solo Exhibition hosted by the Macau Oriental Foundation is a new attempt by the artist Cai Guojie to cross the art and real estate fair.

The exhibition is divided into four parts. The first exhibition hall, “Good Scenery”, shows the map paintings of Macau’s New Eight Scenic Spots, which is also the activity area for sellers’ seminars and academic seminars. It has collection boxes for planning suggestions for each district. The second hall, “Inventory”, is based on discussion about the future of land development and the experience of artists participating in land development. It presents the developers’ thinking and a model for future planning. The third hall, “Bought”, displays the development of real estate fairs and actual real estate projects and welcomes the presence of the media. The fourth hall, “Choose a Section” is the Handa Project Office, which has presentations of abstracts of past art projects by artists.

Cai Guojie believes that artists cannot give up the name of art and create artistic power. For example, “Handa Project” is an act that delineates interstitial space and explores the concept of “power field” in art. With the series of “Handa Project”, choice is empowerment; mutual agreement is a game of power. Cai Guojie’s focus is to transfer the permission from “idea” to “entity”, and these rights help to perceive the opposite.

The exhibition was curated by Professor Lu Zhengyuan of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and exhibited a series of works in the unique space of the Macau Oriental Foundation. At the same time, designer Liu Xinchen combined Cai Guojie’s concept of the boundary map with the theme of this exhibition, bringing the boundary experience space of design and soft decoration. The exhibition is held at the Macau Oriental Foundation and will run until January 13 2020.

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