Lin Youjia Idol World Tour Concert – Foshan Station

Time: 2019.11.09 Saturday 19:00

Venue: Foshan City | Foshan International Sports Culture Performing Arts Center

Lin Yijia idol world tour sings heavily to create a beautiful dance, the entire stage is presented with a transparent LED screen. In order to give fans a new and refreshing experience. This tour was performed by Lin Yijia as the music director. All the performance songs of the concert will be re-adapted to match the cool and stunning dance, aiming to bring a unique experience to all live fans.

Not long ago, Chengdu and Shanghai Shuangcheng pre-sales opened on the same day for a second, which showed Lin Qijia’s amazing market appeal. More fans said: “There is no ticket after 1 second! The real version of ‘Heart’ is my own “And the fans who have already started to order are said: “It’s more fun than grabbing the Spring Festival train ticket, and it’s like a New Year.”

For this commemorative concert, he said: “Idol is not a concert, it is more like a work. When I realized that I have been debut for ten years, I think it is a concert or an album, I It took only two seconds to decide to make a concert. Because the mood of ten years can not be summarized by only one album, but more space is needed, so I hope everyone will come to the concert to feel the work. “

Every bridge section of the idol world tour can also see the intentions of Lin Yijia and the team and the ideas they want to convey, so that the audience seems to watch a narrative film or a large art exhibition, and the aftertaste is full of aftertaste.

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