Light Rail tolls will start tomorrow

The “free light rail”, which lasts for more than one month, is about to end. It will be officially charged from tomorrow (February 1). The one-way ticket costs from six to ten yuan. The fare for the “light rail pass” is evenly halved. Card, senior card and disabled card.

Macau ’s first railway transportation system, the Light Rail Taipa Line, was opened on December 10 last year, and was free to ride until the end of December. Since then, there have been three accidents in light rail operation less than one month. At the same time, it announced the extension of the free trial period to January 31 this year. In other words, the light rail will be officially charged from tomorrow.

Light rail tickets are divided into one-way tickets, light rail passes and special tickets. One-way tickets can be purchased by anyone, six yuan per trip within three stations, eight yuan per trip within six stations, and ten yuan for the entire journey; the purchase of Light Rail Transit is also for anyone, but the fare is flat, ranging from three to five yuan. The “student card” ranges from 1.5 yuan to 2.5 yuan. In addition, people who purchase senior card, disabled card and children less than one meter tall can ride for free.

Recently more than a hundred people take

In addition to the one-way ticket self-service machines, various light rail stations have self-service ticket vending machines and value-added machines, as well as promotional information such as ticket information. Some staff members said that the elderly card, student card, etc. have already been opened for purchase, but the “Light Rail Link” cannot be purchased until the official charging date. Another staff member said that in response to the “Wuhan pneumonia” epidemic, the number of people taking the light rail has decreased recently. About one hundred people take it daily. There are many foreign hires during the morning and evening rush hours. There are also many students riding on weekdays. It also pointed out that under the haze of the epidemic, the number of rides has greatly decreased, and the bus practices can be referred to to reduce the frequency appropriately. Another opinion is that the public light buses invested by the light rail are not suitable for tourists.

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