Jinggang: Cultivating patriotism through dance

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To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region, the large-scale national dance drama “Jing Gang was held recently at the MGM Theater in Cotai.

Jinggang came to Macao for the first time from September 20th to 21st. The two-day show was warmly welcomed by audiences from all walks of life in Macau. The event was co-sponsored by MGM, Macau Huo Yingdong Foundation, Beijing Dance Academy, Chinese Dancers Association and Macao Dancers Association, and was promoted by the Central Government Liaison Office, Education and Youth Bureau and Cultural Bureau.

MGM also arranged for team members to watch the performance, to closely follow the development of the country in a multi-faceted manner, and to consolidate their sense of belonging to the country. In addition, the Beijing Dance Academy youth dance group dancers were invited to come to Macau for the first time to hold workshops. 

The large-scale national dance drama “Jing Gang” was launched by a group of local politicians and business leaders at the MGM Theater.

Jinggang, which was performed by the Youth Dance Troupe of Beijing Dance Academy, is an adaptation of Jiangxi “tea-picking opera”. The colorful and rich dance routines match the folk music style of Jiangxi, depicting the regional style and landscape of Jinggangshan, the birthplace of the Communist Revolution. It presents the arduous years of the Red Army’s struggles, promotes understanding of China’s history, cultivates national concepts and national sentiments, and enhances the audience’s ability to appreciate the art of national dance drama.

The dance drama has been staged in many cities across the country and has won numerous awards. It has been awarded the 2018 Large-scale Stage Play Project of the Art Foundation, the 2018 Beijing Cultural Excellence Project in 2018, the 2019 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan District Arts Festival Key Project, and The 11th Chinese Dance “Lotus Award” Dance Drama Award. The Macao performance presented high-definition live-action images through the MGM Theater’s ultra-high-definition LED screens, combining traditional dances to reproduce historical deeds, bringing a refreshing visual art experience to the audience.

On September 22nd, a workshop was held at the MGM Cotai Ballroom. Specially invited dancers from the Beijing Dance Academy Youth Dance Troupe came to serve as workshop instructors to 80 students from the Macao school. At the event, the Beijing Dance Academy youth dance actor introduced the the Jinggang dance drama, sharing personal dance experience, and personally teaching the “Northeast Yangko” Han folk dance to the participants. It was a valuable opportunity for in-depth exchanges with national dancers, which enhanced the understanding and standard of Chinese dance enthusiasts in Macao.

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