Lamusical 2019 Concert Macao

Hong Kong music singer Lin Zixiang sang in Macau, a unique, classic upgrade.

Vivian Mao (text) Venetian Macao (photos)

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

The poor singer-level singer, music producer and actor Lin Zixiang recently held the “Sun City Group Presents: Lin Zixiang Lamusical 2019 Concert Macau Station” at the Venetian Golden Lights Museum in Macau, where he performed a song that was familiar and familiar with his story. “Life” is perfectly presented in the form of musicals. This concert is also accompanied by three talented singers – Linde, Hu Lin and Xiao Fei.

The concert was also co-operated by a number of music industry professionals. The creative Zheng Danrui is the creative director of the concert. The international photography master Xia Yongkang personally manipulates the style of Lin Zixiang. The famous row dancer Mai Qiu even arranges a large-scale song and dance concert. Lin Haifeng is the design director of the concert poster.

In the 40th year of Hong Kong Cantonese music, Lin Zixiang, in addition to making his own albums and creating his own music works, wrote songs for other singers, sang songs of other singers, and performed TV series and movies. He has a unique and powerful voice, his creations and cover songs have their own characteristics and styles, including country, R&B, rock, funk, jazz, rap, Chinese minor, tango and Basanova. The wind is deeply loved by fans. Its classic hits are endless, and they have written all the stages of life and the message of love, including “Que Sera Sera”, “Mona Lisa”, “Who is the favorite” and “Wonderful Wonderful”. Time is in him, but it is the vicissitudes of the years, and the essence of the voice is unchanged. The love of music and the original heart can still bring the audience back to that brilliant time.


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