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Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

Asia’s first fully-sensory movie-themed interactive venue, immersive and protagonist. The Lions Entertainment World brings an immersive entertainment experience.
If you like movies, you are keen on the adventures. If you have ever imagined that you will become the protagonist of the film, how will you cope with the crisis and be willing to accept a physical and psychological challenge. Lionsgate Entertainment World – Asia’s first fully-sensory movie-themed interactive venue, combining the world-renowned Hollywood film with innovative design and advanced technology is undoubtedly the best choice for the moment.

The venue design is different. The second floor of the “Hunger Games: Speed ​​Hunting” zone, its ace mobile game project, is the first ride in Asia to simulate two different driving experiences in the same experience. Bring 3D goggles, multi-purpose chariots and hovering fighters, and avoid the guards’ layers of chasing, which is bloody.

The “Golden Shelling: Escape Plan” zone combines movie stories into a large room escape.

After successfully avoiding escape, the “God of War: The Eye of Rights”, “Stunning Enemy Group”, and “Different Persons” area are waiting to open on the third floor. “God War: The Eye of Power – The Battle of Eternity” brings the perspective back to the mythology of ancient Egypt. It sits on an indoor roller coaster designed with virtual reality (VR) technology, and travels through pyramids, shrines and sand dunes. It seems that the god of Egypt is fighting.

Come to the “Macau Night Market” in the movie “Stunning Magic Theft”, visit the magic store and enjoy the snacks with local specialties. After relaxing and refining, go to the “Different: Dreadnought Training Camp” to exercise physical strength and courage.

The movie “Twilight City” series is located in the small town of Fox on the fourth floor. Among them, the “Midnight Chase” project is the world’s first multi-person interactive VR experience.

Sitting on a motorcycle, wearing a VR helmet, and walking with you, in the moonlight, with the werewolf Jacob, walking through the dark forest, Join a chase with the vampire. In the game of “Bella Quest”, it will sit on Bella’s pickup truck, facing the obstruction and sticking to the love between Bella and Edward.

In addition to the thrilling gaming experience, the venue’s transvesting service allows you to immerse yourself in fascinating real-life stories, wander around towns, shops and restaurants and start your own movie fantasy journey.

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