Jaquet Droz: Haute Horlogerie Appreciation


Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

The Swiss watchmaker Jacques de Rodriguez and the Macau Watch Museum jointly hosted the Swiss Haute Horlogerie Appreciation Conference, which showcased the centuries-old watchmaking process.
Recently, Jacques de Rocce CEO Christian Lattmann and Jacques DeRos watchmaker Gregoire Boillat came to Macau with the Singing Bird Snuff Box made in the 18th to 19th centuries to demonstrate the wonderful movements. The table also features watch collections and the latest collections from the 18th century: the Grande Seconde Collection, the Automaton Collection, and the Atelier d’Art Collection, giving visitors a view of Jacques de Rodriguez’s 280-year-old watchmaking process.
Several watches and clocks retrospectively trace back to two hundred years ago, gold enamel perfume bottles, gold enamel wine bottle clocks, gold foil carved enamel pocket watches, wedding ceremony pocket watches, youth goddess pocket watches… each one is unique, not the same, It will be exhibited from now until October 31, and the mechanical doll The Draughtsman (painter) who can automatically draw the pony will be exhibited until January 16 next year.

The new watches and clocks of the special exhibition are also full of exquisite elegance and elegance. Among them, “Magic Lotus Automaton Automatic Doll Watch” can be used for more than four minutes of activity scenes, which is like a quiet Zen garden, and you can see the beauty of nature. The back of the watch, the bridge and the oscillating weight are uniquely naturalistic patterns carved by hand. The flowers and plants are criss-crossed, and the koi is exquisite and vivid, which is in harmony with the dial pattern. It is reported that this new automatic doll watch has submitted four patent applications, with the most exquisite dial in the history of Jacques de Rodriguez.