Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles can apply for temporary electronic license plates now

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles entering the Mainland are currently only allowed to enter freely with the license plates of Guangdong and Hong Kong. If there is no license plate for the two places or the license plate of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge cannot pass, this situation is now changing. According to the latest news released by the Ministry of Public Security, starting from September 20, 2019, Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles entering the Mainland through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge can apply for temporary license plates and issue electronic licenses for a period of one year.

Recently, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security issued a message to electronically test the temporary entry permit motor vehicle license, the Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles passing through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Macao motor vehicles entering Hengqin, and the Taiwanese motor vehicles entering Pingtan. No entry to the motor vehicle license will be issued.

In order to facilitate the entry of foreigners into the country, to attract foreigners to travel to China, to innovate and start businesses, to promote domestic tourism consumption, economic and trade development, and to serve the country’s higher level of opening up strategy, the Ministry of Public Security has conducted in-depth research and extensive listening. The study proposed six convenience measures for temporary entry vehicles.

First, the Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles will be issued electronic licenses through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles pass through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Macao motor vehicles enter Hengqin, Taiwan’s motor vehicles enter Pingtan’s nuclear-issued electronic temporary entry motor vehicle license, no longer issue paper licenses.

Second, the residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will be relaxed to change the age of large and medium-sized passenger cars.

For the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan large and medium-sized passenger car driver’s license to redeem the Mainland driver’s license, the application age is extended from 50 years old to 60 years old, facilitating Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan large and medium-sized passenger car drivers to drive in the Mainland (Mainland).

Third, simplify the procedures for applying for temporary driving permits.

For applications for temporary driving licenses for small cars and motorcycles, the entry ID card, overseas driver’s license and Chinese translation text can be directly applied for, and physical condition checks and physical condition certificates are not required.

Fourth, simplify the procedures for handling temporary motor vehicle licenses.

For 7 or less (excluding) non-operating small passenger cars and motorcycles registered within 6 years of overseas registration, apply for temporary entry motor vehicle licenses and exempt them from inspection by the inspection agency.

Fifth, extend the period of use of temporary driving permits.

For short-term stays, you can apply for a temporary driving permit valid for 3 months; if you stay for more than 3 months, the validity period can be extended to 1 year. The temporary driving license can be used multiple times during the validity period, which is convenient for driving in the country during work, life and study.

Sixth, extend the provision of more services for temporary vehicles, and promote one-stop services for insurance, vehicle review and annual inspection.

Extend the temporary entry permit window service, promote the temporary entry of motor vehicle licenses and temporary driving permit business to the county level, and implement traffic control service stations in airports, ports, auto shows and free trade test areas where the number of vehicles entering the country is relatively concentrated. Provide one-stop service for insurance, insurance, vehicle inspection, voucher review, study and education, and card issuing, which is convenient for inbound vehicles to be handled at once. After the implementation of this measure, it will benefit hundreds of millions of overseas visitors, such as tourism, work, and study abroad.

The Traffic Management Bureau relaxed the application conditions for temporary license plates in order to further attract foreigners to work and travel in China. It also provided a more convenient channel for Hong Kong and Macao residents to come to the Mainland. I believe that the exchange of personnel between Hong Kong and Macao and the Mainland will be more convenient.

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