Hengqin National Geographic Ultimate Explorer opened

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

Combining the best content of National Geographic, the entertaining family adventure experience will be brought to the Dawan District, with more than ten immersive entertainment facilities to inspire guests to explore and protect the planet.
The first National Geographic Explorer Center in South China was recently opened in Lixin Hengqin Innovations, officially welcoming guests. Liu Gefeng, general manager of the Hengqin National Geographic Explorer Center, said that the center is designed by National Geographic Partners and designed by iP2 Entertainment. It combines high-end entertainment technology with a national geography-themed adventure experience to inspire young people to become scientists, engineers, and astronauts. Biologists, oceanographers, thinkers and explorers are committed to becoming an emerging research base in South China. At present, we are working with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau travel agencies to expand the source market.
The Hengqin National Geographic Explorer Center covers an area of ​​4,500 square meters and is designed with the theme of National Geographic’s premium content to create an interactive and interactive adventure experience for guests. The center has a total of 15 new and interesting interactive experience facilities, allowing guests to roam the universe and sneak into the deep sea.
In the “Space Departure”, guests will enter the 360-degree immersive experience cabin, sit on the dynamic seat, wear a VR helmet, and rush out of the Earth to outer space for a secret experiment. Guests can also move the mountains and rivers in the “power of nature” to control the unstoppable forces of nature. The project is equipped with a high-definition projector that can detect the height of each sand table through the sensor and instantly project the corresponding dynamic natural phenomenon. “Wild racing” uses dynamic capture technology to allow guests to race against a variety of wildlife to visually experience the speed of the fastest or slowest animals in the world and experience the joy of interaction. In the “Dialogue Beast”, guests can interact instantly with a variety of animals to understand the unexpected meaning hidden in the animal’s squeaks and squeaks. You can also ask questions to the animal to see how it answers and engage in a personalized conversation with the animal.

The center’s environmental themed activities are also fascinating. In the “Imaginative Reconstruction” workshop, guests can learn how to turn waste into treasures, such as plastic bottles, old T-shirts and other recyclable materials into practical shopping bags, environmentally friendly flower pots and other handicrafts.