Wynn has always lived up to its mission of giving back to society, being committed to participating in and sponsoring local social affairs and community activities in order to spread love and care to the underprivileged. Established in 2010, WE Volunteer Team has continued to grow for the eighth year, and now reaching over 2,000 volunteers. The Wynn Care program organizes over 100 community related events annually and contributes over 15,000 hours of community service work each year.

The footprint of “Wynn Care” is spreading around local communities, as well as rural and urban areas of mainland China. In response to the Macao SAR government’s and the Liaison Office’s call for targeted poverty relief in Mainland China, Wynn has partnered with the Macau Federal Commercial Association of the Convention & Exhibition Industry (MCECA) in organizing trips to Congjiang and a ‘Congjiang Gala Cultural Night’. Over 70 Wynn employee volunteers, MCECA members, as well as local teachers and students, travelled to Congjiang last November, as well as in March and May this year. Participants supported the poverty alleviation work in Congjiang. Afterwards, Wynn donated MOP 3 million to fund the renovation of dilapidated houses and the construction of a brand new Gulou building (Drum Tower) in Congjiang.


Upholding its mission to facilitate upward mobility for the local workforce, Wynn has been actively offering a variety of training programs for team members. Launched in 2015, Wynn’s “Career Advancement Program” provides a 12-month training course for team members who intend to transfer from gaming to non-gaming departments, creating upward and horizontal mobility for local talents. Since its launch, nearly 40 graduates have successfully completed the program and have been promoted to leadership roles.

In 2016, Wynn launched the “Leadership Acceleration Program – Gaming”. This 6-month training course for Pit Managers endowed participants with deeper management expertise, helping prepare them for more senior leadership roles in Gaming. Besides, the company also established the Wynn Facilities and F&B Academy, providing all-round, on-the-job training program for local talents. Employees are encouraged to continue lifelong learning by enrolling diploma programs in university.


Local SMEs have always been close business partners of Wynn, which has continued its support for them by hosting regular business matching sessions that have become core components of the company’s business activities. Wynn has organized a number of local SME procurement partnership meetings since 2016, with the total number of attendees amounting to over 1,100.

The amount of local SME procurement purchases for 2018 increased 33% compared with last year. In the first quarter of 2019, local enterprises accounted for 76% of Wynn’s total procurement spending. In addition, 70% of Wynn’s total spending with local SMEs was with the three key categories – Micro Enterprises, “Made in Macao” Enterprises and Young Entrepreneurs.

Due to the typhoon that brought varying levels of economic losses to the community and local enterprises last year, Wynn launched the “Wynn Local SME Typhoon Hato Financial Support Program” in cooperation with Bank of China (Macau Branch). The subsidy of more than MOP 15 million ultimately supported 168 local SMEs to help them through difficult times. In the future, Wynn will continue to support SMEs through various channels to further enhance the enterprises’ competitiveness, paving the way for their long-term development with an open and innovative mind.


Wynn spares no efforts in support of the environmental policies of the Macau SAR government and the sustainable development of Macau. In 2018, Wynn has purchased clean energy buses to offer hotel guests transportation services to and from its hotels. The clean energy buses are aimed at achieving zero-emissions to effectively reduce air pollution and harmful impacts on the environment.

In order to promote environmental protection and sustainability in our society, Wynn partnered with the Macau Institute of Engineers to co-organize the “2019 Wynn Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Campaign”. By organizing environmental protection forums, distributing ecofriendly straws and so on, the campaign attracted support from the local catering industry, SMEs and schools.

To continue the company’s commitment to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, Wynn will continue to care for the underprivileged and give back to society, passing on love and care to all corners of the community, uniting forces from different sectors to build a harmonious community.