Golden Autumn Royal Banquet

Sands Resorts Macao has once again challenged the tastes of diners with specialty dishes from around the world. Recently, an exclusive dinner was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Macao. With the theme of the special Beijing cuisine, the national treasure-class celebrity banquet with the “Golden Feast and One Legend” was held.

Beijing cuisine is a collection of local flavors. The dishes at this dinner can be described as classic and creative. From the name of the dishes, you can get a glimpse of the varied essence: Beijing-style sea bream, amber walnut, spicy cabbage, mustard fresh abalone, onion grilled ginseng, phoenix tail shrimp, fragrant scented star-spotted belly, scorpion, pea yellow with sassafras, and more. Among them, the scallop mullet is a popular appetizer in state banquets, famous for its precious ingredients, complicated processing and exquisite soup.

The Chinese national treasure chef Hu Limei is from Shanghai and is regarded as one of the best culinary artists in the contemporary era. Master Hu Limei is well versed in the cooking of Beijing cuisine and the state banquet, and is highly innovative. She entered the Shanghai International Hotel at the age of 19 and studied under the Beijing-based master Wang Dianchen. After more than 40 years of hard work, she is committed to the development and innovation of Beijing cuisine, having prepared many times for China’s national leaders, as well as former US presidents and other national politicians at state banquets.

This time, Hu Limei brought her son, Liu Hong, to Macau for her performances. Liu Hong is currently the Executive Chef at the Hengshan Mahler Villa Hotel in Shanghai. He is a master chef of Chinese and Western cuisine. He has a pure culinary heritage, graduated from a professional culinary school, and was invited to host the Shanghai Lifestyle Channel “Xing Yang Sheng” as a guest host. So far, Liu Hong has compiled and published nearly 10 cooking books.

Looking back on the cooking career of more than 50 years, Hu Limei said frankly that the inheritance and innovation of Beijing cuisine has a long way to go, which is both hard and rich. She said that cooking is a process of constant innovation and interest, and she pursues the ultimate in every dish.

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