GBA driver licenses on trial

Macau drivers with cross-border permits will now be able to travel to Guangdong via Hong Kong’s Shenzhen Bay checkpoint under a new trial launched by the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau governments.

Under a quota, drivers in all three jurisdictions will be able to travel freely within each other, via certain checkpoints. Previously, Macau drivers could only get permits to travel either MO-GD or MO-HK, but not HK-GD. Now they may enter Hong Kong via the HZMB and then travel to Guangdong via the Shenzhen Bay checkpoint.

The same goes for Hong Kong drivers: they may now come to Macau or Zhuhai and cross over between them at either the HZMB or Hengqin checkpoints.

The trial has not been extended to the busiest vehicular border crossing checkpoints yet: Gongbei or Lok Ma Chau.

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