Gastronomic Journey with Le Petit Chef

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

The world’s smallest chef is only 58 mm, and the footprint has been spread over more than 50 restaurants around the world. From now until September 13th, Le Petit Chef will be stationed at MGM Macau, bringing a creative and fun-filled “Sensing Adventures” fantasy food tour.
Le Petit Chef uses 3D projection and animation technology to project the mini chef onto the dining table and shuttle between the plates to “cook” the food in the light and shadow.

The story begins with a small chef who has failed in business and discovers the book of the explorer Marco Polo. Inspired by Marco Polo’s journey to the Silk Road, the little chef’s taste bud discovery journey begins in Marseille, France. Under the effect of 3D light and shadow animation, the little chef floated in the “sea” and found the treasure chest. Open the “treasure chest” that the little chef found from the sea, the scalloped Japanese scallop, Kagoshima raw beef tart, white whale caviar and other French-style seafood. The starter of the dinner: sardine sauce and vanilla apple salad.

Later, the little chef will lead the diners to the exotic Arabian open-air market, which is in harmony with the traditional Middle Eastern Moroccan fish in front of you. Then follow the footsteps of the little chef, we went down to the spice market in India, and the table was filled with scented curries and beef and Indian crepes.

The storyline of the peak and the turn reaches the snow in the Himalayas. At this time, there is nothing better than a cup of snow to match this visual winter. I can’t wait to pull the taste buds out of the spice world and prepare for the little chef. The next stop for food.
China is the magical place described in Marco Polo’s book, and is also the place of food treasure in the eyes of the little chef. In the traditional “Chinese Red” picture, the olive peas black porpoise pork fried rice looks kind and homely.

The last stop of the Little Chef’s Adventure Tour is his hometown of France, which is also the dessert link of the dinner, with a beautifully made walnut white sesame nut butter puffs for the fun food tour across the six places. period.

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