Exclusive French Dining

Michelle Celebrity Chef Hélène Darroze and Michel Rolland, the “flying winemaker”, presented a French dining experience.

Original article published only in Chinese
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The world famous Michelin star celebrity chef Hélène Darroze is one of the most respected French chefs. Recently, she took the “Golden Feast·One-Single and Legendary” celebrity chef series event, and presented a variety of beautiful and unique features in the Xiadu Portuguese Restaurant in the center of Jinsha City, showing the exquisiteness and luxury of the French feast.

At the same time, paired with the finest wines from the Château de Saint-Cernin winery, and presented by the world-renowned wine master and wine consultant Michel Rolland. The luncheon is warmed up with a wine blind test, inviting guests to taste six wines in their own way and sort them according to their own preferences. Michel Rolland also joined this interesting blind tasting event. He encouraged guests to “save and enjoy themselves”, relax and enjoy in their own way, and choose a favorite cup: “A good red wine lies in oneself. The judgment of feelings can bring you pleasure, not the judgment of others.”

Most of them voted for the No. 3 N°1 Saint-Cernin Bergerac Rouge 2016. Michel Rolland also said that this is his “Best of the Day” when he was blind. It is understood that this N°1 Saint-Cernin won the gold medal in the 2018 Concours Général Agricole. Its aromatic taste shows complexity, concentration and breadth, and the smooth acidity adds a subtle freshness and long aftertaste to the overall elegance and balance. After the small test, the special chef Hélène Darroze was greeted.

As the leader of the Michelin restaurant in Paris and London, he won the Order of the Knights of the French Legion of Honor in 2012. In 2015, he was selected as one of the world’s best female chefs by the “Best Restaurants in the World”, winning numerous awards and being loved by different industries. admire. The four French styles created by her ingenuity are waiting to be seen.

Oyster sauce, Ossie caviar, with French white cocoa bean smooth soup

After the N°1 Saint-Cernin Limoux 2017 white wine is gradually added to each guest cup, the first dish is presented. The oyster sauce is served with a French white cocoa bean smooth soup, among which the finest Osistra caviar has a nutty flavor and is the finishing touch.

For the second dish, Hélène will present the signature dish “Retour d’Hanoï” – a shell broth cooked from prawns from San Remo, Italy, on a beautifully plated blue lobster, decorated with fresh Clams and onions, the soup is clear, the meat is delicious, the cool temperature relieves the summer heat, and the orange, green, and white colors match, making people feel refreshed.

The main course is roasted pigeon and rand foie gras, with beetroot, wild strawberry and mexican juice. The texture is delicate and the taste buds are rich. This thick red color is matched with the corresponding wines, and the cup is also filled with the N° 1 Saint-Cernin Bergerac Rouge 2016 red wine that is loved by everyone.

The dessert is a fresh and creamy French ice cream cake. The French meringue is light and crisp, and the mouth is instant. The fresh fruit is fresh and sour. With lemon grass and strawberry juice, it neutralizes the sweetness of cream and icing, and it is more suitable.

The Wessman One Champagne pink wine is the perfect ending to this feast. From the selection of ingredients, the ingenuity of the ingredients, and the stunning taste, Hélène Darroze perfectly interprets French cuisine. She mentioned that the concept of high-end cuisine has continued to develop in recent years: “I used to come to eat a meal, but now they come to experience food,” so she and the team valued the diners’ feelings. She likes to work with the team. In the design of the cuisine, some inspirations and emotional memories are combined to make the dishes convey not only the superb skills and the ultimate deliciousness, but also the guests’ spiritual experience.

In addition to a luncheon, there are two dinners for different events. The order and variety of the wines are the same. This design not only shows the excellent wines designed by Michel Rolland and his team for Chateau de Saint-Cernin, but also allows guests to enjoy the taste buds experience and taste. Food and wine, happy, relaxed and relaxed.

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