Don’t waste a good crisis

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Don’t waste a good crisis! — Churchill
Every crisis hides opportunities. The bigger the crisis, the greater the chance!
Behind the Wuhan epidemic, there are five major business opportunities:

First: Traditional offline business is being accelerated.

All offline businesses should be prepared for the huge losses in the first quarter. For online businesses, revenue in the first quarter was more than three times as usual.
The epidemic this time was an opportunity for “online” to completely transform “offline”.
It is with this epidemic situation that there can be “pure online” companies in the future, such as various Internet companies, but it is difficult to have “pure offline” companies.
The offline and online will be completely integrated, which will encourage more offline brick-and-mortar stores to expand online, and Chinese business will move towards a real upgrade.

Second: Traditional companies are accelerating their disintegration.

The current mainstream company form is to use labor contracts as a constraint, to place everyone in a fixed place, at a fixed time, and produce a fixed job. The future is an era of online collaborative office. On the one hand, the independence of each person will be greatly strengthened Everyone will become an independent economy. On the other hand, the synergy between everyone will be greatly enhanced. Many traditional companies are struggling and getting worse. China needs more companies in the future, but the form of the company’s existence has changed!

Third: Traditional monitoring mechanisms are accelerating change.

The construction progress of the Vulcan Mountain Hospital has achieved “cloud supervision”.
CCTV broadcast live in the Wuhan Red Cross warehouse, and nearly 20 million netizens watched it live …
Both of these incidents illustrate a trend: there has been a major change in the supervision mechanism of society. In the era of live broadcasting, supervision no longer depends on a certain department, but the supervision of the entire people.
In the future, each of us must have enough courage to face your consumers, your audience. As long as there is a problem, it cannot be avoided.

Fourth: Various new brands are accelerating.

The brand’s communication logic has changed, and the way to ignite a brand has changed completely.
The word-of-mouth spread of a brand in the future no longer depends on how many consumers you have, but on how many “super consumers” you have.
The so-called “super consumers” are those who can bring in-depth secondary communication. One person can bring more than 10 customers, and can help you establish a brand image among a small group of people.
If we want to quickly promote brand building, we must pay close attention to the “super communicator’s law”:
1 super consumer> 100 ordinary consumers> 10,000 bystanders> 1 million passersby.
In this way, you can do more with less and keep the foundation forever.

Fifth: The core of business competition is accelerating the transfer.

The more developed the Internet and the more transparent the information, the easier it will be for people’s psychology to affect economic development, because the group effects of people are more obvious, such as the buying frenzy, such as the sharp drop in the opening of A shares on February 3, which is the herd of this epidemic Effect one. Deep understanding of the public psychology and good at influencing the public from human nature will be one of the most important business energies in the future.

To sum up, behind every crisis, opportunities lurk. What determines a person’s ultimate height is often not the starting point, but the inflection point, and the opportunity is at the inflection point! I believe that after this epidemic, China will definitely stand at a new historical starting point!

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