Dior Summer Party

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

Luxury travel retailer DFS Group and DIOR Dior fragrance together present DFS x DIOR Dior Summer Party Limited Store, a series of exciting events from now until August 31, to celebrate the summer. The event will be held at DFS’s Macau T Plaza, Xinyi Tiandi store, and the limited store will be opened at DFS retail stores around the world.

DFS x DIOR The Dior Summer Party gives customers an unforgettable summer memories. DFS x DIOR Dior Summer Party offers a limited selection of products and color schemes in the store.

Visitors from all over the world can choose the products that will shape their style at any time. You can also try a variety of styles for summer outings, evening pastimes and social events.

Leonardo Ferracina, Director of Tourism Retail at Dior Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Southeast Asia, said: “DIOR Dior fragrances together with DFS provide powerful synergies when providing exciting and innovative activities to our customers.

Our DIOR Dioria presented with DFS The Japanese party has a limited edition store offering a variety of DIOR Dior logo products to accompany you to the exciting and vibrant summer days.”
DFS x DIOR The Dior Summer Party is a vibrant and vibrant paradise for all beauty lovers.