Dance drama “Liu Sanjie”

The dance drama “Liu Sanjie” was written by the chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association and famous screenwriter Feng Shuangbai. The director of the national level and the outstanding dancer of Chinese dance art Ding Wei was the director. The music, choreographer, dance and main actors were all domestic first-line lineups. Through a rich and beautiful dance vocabulary, the whole drama tells the story of ups and downs, shapes the character, expresses the inner feelings, and the wonderful interpretation is fascinating. The play also retains a large number of classic mountain songs, expressing the mood in the song with a romantic dance. While fully demonstrating Guangxi’s national culture, the dance drama “Liu Sanjie” also reveals distinctive characteristics of the times in terms of character image, dance style, music creation, etc., introducing popular art such as pop music and street dance, full of “youth” and “everything” The scent of fashion.

Time : November 10

Venue: Grand Theatre, Zhongshan Culture and Art Center

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