1. Nomura says there is unlikely to be any improvement in Macau visitation until the Individual Visit Scheme is resumed, which may take a further six weeks. AGB 
  2. The Macau Grand Prix, the largest annual event organized in Macau, will go ahead as planned, unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak. It is scheduled for November this year. MDT 
  3. Migrant workers from the Philippines can now return to Hong Kong and Macau after the Philippines government partially lifted the temporary travel ban against them. MDT 
  4. The Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) has launched a Cloud Classroom program to help its students study remotely amid the coronavirus outbreak. On the first day, the school provided 237 classes with the participation of 171 teachers and over 6,300 students. MDT 
  5. The Macao Chamber of Commerce and Bank of China Macau have jointly launched 12 financial relief measures for local SMEs affected by the epidemic to support their emergency financing needs. Measures include loans for buying sanitation and pharmaceutical supplies, emergency funds for those in the hospitality, tourism, catering, retail, and logistics sectors, interest rate discounts and handling fee waviers for all financial services related to epidemic prevention. TDM 
  6. Ferry services from the Macau Ferry Terminal to Shenzhen Fuyong have been suspended from today, until further notice. The current ferry routes still in operation include Macau Ferry Terminal and Taipa Ferry terminal to and from Shenzhen Shekou, and Macau Ferry Terminal to and from Zhuhai Wanzai. GOV 
  7. The reason for the government’s decision to keep non-casino entertainment facilities closed after midnight tonight has been further explained: Inês Chan, Head of Licensing and Inspection Department, MGTO, said most of these venues are run by SMEs, and unlike the casinos, they may not have the necessary expertise, background and capital to conduct thorough risk management. Therefore, keeping them closed for an extended period of time will be of help to themselves and the entire city. TDM 
  8. Macau’s Procession of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, as churches will remain closed, the Catholic Church in Macau said, The faithful are advised to minimize participation in outdoor activities and gatherings.” Regular live broadcasting of Masses online will continue at www.catholic.org.mo. MN 
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