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  1. Secretary for Economics and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, said that the current 11,000 foreign employees who frequently enter and exit Macau are mainly from the construction, catering and retail industries. The government has already communicated with several construction companies and intends to arrange container-like accomodations for these employees, and the living conditions are in accordance with Macau laws. Basic facilities such as water, electricity and sewage will be provided. TDM 

  2. Due to the adjustment of flights by airlines, more than 400 Filipino employees or passengers in Macau have not been able to return to their places of origin. The government said it respects the arrangements of the airlines in response to the reduction in market demand, and those affected can choose to take flights in other areas. TDM  

  3. February casino gross gaming revenue (GGR) in Macau is likely to decline by more than 80 percent in year-on-year terms, despite he decision to reopen the casinos, said brokerage J.P. Morgan. GGRA

  4. Non-resident workers whose blue cards have expired since the Chinese Lunar New Year have until February 29 to settle their cases with the immigration department without having to pay an “overstay” fine of 500 patacas per day. MDT

  5. Long queues formed up yesterday outside government offices as public services resumed, despite the government’s warning to avoid crowds. MDT

  6. The government’s support measures to address the taxation of work income are likely to have a negligible effect on most local residents, according to economist Albano Martins. MDT

  7. The government’s measures designed to stimulate the economy will first need to be discussed and approved by the Legislative Assembly (AL), which has been suspended since before the Chinese Lunar New Year and there is no date yet set for reopening. MDT

  8. A group of coach drivers asked Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng on Monday to tide them over during the COVID-19 epidemic. MN

  9. The Macao Chamber of Commerce has donated MOP5.479 million to Hubei to fight the coronavirus. TDM

  10. Macau’s two bus companies have gradually increased the frequencies of bus routes from yesterday, now nearly 70% of the original frequency has been restored. TDM

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