1. Total non-gaming spending in Q4 2019 dropped by 11.8% year-on-year to MOP16.24 billion; total spending of overnight visitors (MOP12.57 billion) declined by 16.0% while that of same-day visitors (MOP3.67 billion) went up by 6.1%. For the whole year of 2019, total spending of visitors amounted to MOP64.08 billion, down by 8.0% year-on-year; total spending of overnight visitors (MOP49.96 billion) fell by 11.2% whereas that of same-day visitors (MOP14.12 billion) rose by 5.0%. GOV 
  2. For January, the average occupancy rate of the city’s three- to five-star hotels stood at 78.5%, down by 14.5% year-on-year, according to the latest figures from the Macau Hotel Association. The rate for five-star hotels during the month was 85%, representing a 10.3% decrease. GGRA 
  3. Recovery in demand for Macau casino services in the wake of the coronavirus crisis might happen only in the fourth quarter this year – compared to market consensus that the pickup would be in the third quarter, said a Tuesday note from JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific). “This leads us to model 2020 GGR [gross gaming revenue] to drop 24 percent, a sharp 25-percent to 30-percent cut from pre-virus consensus,” wrote analysts DS Kim, Derek Choi and Jeremy An. GGRA 
  4. Macau’s consumer price index (CPI) for January 2020 rose 2.98% year-on-year, up by 0.42 percentage points compared to that of December 2019. This was attributable to higher charges for eating out and package tours, rising rentals for dwellings as well as the higher prices of fresh pork and gasoline. MDT 
  5. Restrictive measures applied to public hospital visits due to the Covid-19 outbreak has led to the cancellation of a large number of medical appointments with specialists. In response, the Health Bureau (SSM) has put in place a system in which the physicians conduct as much follow-up as possible remotely, contacting patients via phone calls or video calls. This is estimated now to account for 85% of all cases. MDT 
  6. Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has appointed Alexis Tam, former Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, as the director of the Macao Economic and Trade Office to the World Trade Organization. Prior to this appointment, Tam held the directorship at the Macao Economic and Trade Offices to the European Union in Brussels and to Portugal in Lisbon, and is expected to retain these two posts. MDT 
  7. Some companies in Macau have bought a total of 376 mobile homes from a supplier in Foshan, which they will use for their non-resident staff to live in while safety precautions remain in place at the borders. According to the Customs Bureau at Gongbei, Zhuhai, there has been a surge in home appliances through the border recently, particularly air conditioners, washing machines and bedframes. TDM 
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