Constructing an International Tourism Island

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With the Zhuhai connection of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge extending directly to Hengqin, Hengqin has become the only free-test zone in the Mainland that is connected to Hong Kong and Macao.
Hengqin is the third international tourist island approved by the mainland after Hainan and Pingtan, Fujian. This paper compares and analyzes the main island tourism sites at home and abroad, summarizes the world’s major island tourism development models and experience enlightenment, proposes the international tourism island construction strategy, and provides reference for relevant construction planning and practice.

I. Comparison of islands and tourist destinations at home and abroad

According to the plan, Hengqin will be built into an international leisure tourism island facing the future, international quality, ecological priority, coordinated development and wisdom support. This paper analyzes and contrasts 13 island tourism sites and Hengqin with a certain reputation and reputation at home and abroad. For details, see “Comparative Analysis Table of Hengqin and Island Tourism Sites at Home and Abroad”.
Compared with these island tourist destinations, Hengqin Tourist Island has the following characteristics:

First, location traffic. Hengqin and Macao are across the river, connected by bridges and tunnels, 34 nautical miles from Hong Kong, backed by the most developed Pearl River Delta in China, facing the South China Sea. It is the meeting point of “one country, two systems” and is the gateway for China to enter the world and the world to enter China. Hengqin has obvious location advantages. With the Zhuhai connecting line of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge extending directly to Hengqin, Hengqin has become the only free-test zone in the Mainland that is connected to Hong Kong and Macao.

Second, the size of the area. Hengqin is the same as Saipan, Nan’ao Island and Pingtan Island. It is a small micro-island with a surface area of ​​only a few hundred square kilometers. The development of tourism industry on small and micro-area islands has disadvantages such as narrow land, limited space, and low labor and natural resources. However, Hengqin relies on the Dawan District to make up for these shortcomings. At the same time, we can learn from the development experience of the Maldives and Saipan, and strive to create an ecological, wedding, food and shopping paradise in environmental protection, cultural excavation, infrastructure construction, and tax-free trade.

Third, the project development. Hengqin has obvious advantages in the development of tourism projects. For example, Changlong Ocean Resort has received more than 59 million visitors. China International Circus Festival, International Women’s Tennis (WTA) Super Classic, China International Road Cycling and China Hengqin WDC Standard Dance/Latin Dance International Invitational Tournament and other international events settled in Hengqin, greatly enhancing the society of Hengqin Influence and attraction. In the future, it is recommended that Hengqin combine the leisure tourism industry with the cultural and creative industry to create a large-scale theme cultural tourism project integrating Chinese characteristics of exhibition, leisure, tourism, shopping and food, and promote the rise of regional cultural industry.

Fourth, tourism development. Hengqin is not inferior to the ecological advantages of international tourist islands such as Hawaii, Bali, Maldives, Fiji, Bahamas and Hainan. Hengqin Mountain, sea, forest, wetland, shoreline and other ecological resources are rich and diverse, with good vegetation. More than 70% of the land is classified as a forbidden and restricted construction area, and the proportion of ecological land is over 50%. At present, Hengqin, a number of national coastal wetland parks, Dahengqinshan Forest Park, underground integrated pipe gallery, Tianmu River ecological and landscape engineering and other ecological construction projects have been launched, constructed or completed, one has intact forests, wetlands, An ecological island suitable for living in the ocean and water system is about to be completed.

Fifth, the source market. Practice has shown that the internationalization of passenger sources is a key factor that makes international tourist islands stand out. The tourist sources in Hawaii, Bali, Maldives and other places have a high degree of internationalization. On the one hand, they are inseparable from the high quality resources, long-term development, convenient transportation, complete facilities and vivid image. On the other hand, they have further consolidated The image and status of the international top tourist island. As a late-sea island tourist destination, Hengqin wants to stand out from the competition in the emerging island tourist destinations. It must work hard and make full use of its geographical advantages in Dawan District and adjacent to Macao, using free trade, duty-free shopping, and visa facilitation. In addition, while consolidating Hong Kong and Macao’s customers, it will develop the source markets of Japan, South Korea, Russia and Europe and the United States.

Second, the focus of Hengqin’s construction of an international leisure tourism island

By comparing with overseas, the author suggests that in accordance with the requirements of the “Hengqin International Leisure Tourism Island Construction Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the program), with international development as the guide, and with the iconic international exchange activities as the carrier, create “Chinese Dream · Hengqin Island”

The international brand promotes the moderate and diversified development of the Macao economy, builds a deep demonstration zone for cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and creates an international leisure tourism island that is suitable for living and suitable for tourism.

First of all, fully cooperate with Macao to build an international tourism and leisure center. Hengqin is separated from Macao by water, humanities and the environment. The plan clearly pointed out that Hengqin was defined as a new carrier to promote the moderate and diversified development of Macao’s economy, a world-class leisure tourism base and a national tourism demonstration zone. After more than ten years of development and construction, Hengqin has achieved fruitful results in the field of cooperation with Australia. In the next step, Hengqin should focus on building an international leisure tourism island and cooperate with Macao to build a world tourism and leisure center to help Macao break through the bottlenecks of land, manpower and industry, and effectively tap the development potential of Macau’s tourism industry to achieve complementary industries. Market misalignment and coordinated development will promote Macao’s economic development to be more dynamic.

Second, expand the new map of the “Belt and Road” tourism. Hengqin and Macao can give full play to the superior geographical location and external development advantages of the two places, take the opportunity of the country to promote a new round of opening up, and take the lead in building a tourism cooperation platform with Portuguese-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries in the field of tourism and leisure, and strengthen and The Belt and Road Initiative will jointly build tourism cooperation between the country and the region.

Hengqin and Macao jointly develop the Portuguese-speaking country tourism market and share the source. At the same time, innovation and customs clearance, tourism standardization, tourism environment internationalization and other key areas, comprehensively improve tourism management and service levels.

Third, implement the concept of global tourism development and build a national tourism demonstration zone. Through the “tourism +” to cultivate a variety of new tourism formats, from sightseeing to leisure and holiday tourism, from scenic tourism to global tourism; to play the advantages of the respective resources of the Qin and Macao, through the tourism resources in the region, related Industrial, ecological environment, public services, institutional mechanisms, policy innovations, etc. will be comprehensively and systematically optimized and upgraded to achieve organic integration of tourism resources within the region, organic integration of tourism industry, and organic integration of tourism products to better meet The personalized and diversified leisure tourism needs to jointly create a new regional coordinated development model and a win-win development of the tourism ecological chain driven by tourism and promote coordinated economic and social development.

Finally, we should fully integrate the preferential policies such as the free trade experimental zone, and build Hengqin into an important free port for foreign exchange in Dawan District. On the one hand, deepen the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, and give priority to exploring the promotion of freedom of investment, freedom of trade, freedom of shipping, freedom of finance, freedom of movement of personnel and vehicles, and gradually promote the exchange of foreign exchange from facilitation to liberalization, from special tax reductions to tax exemptions for the whole region. breakthrough.

On the other hand, with reference to the experience of Singapore and Jeju Island, we will gradually implement a deeper and broader scale of openness, promote free trade, free investment, free travel, free shopping, and free study abroad, and become Hong Kong and Macao, radiating inland, The “cross hub” area facing the maritime Silk Road and going international.

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