Chef Lan Event

Chinese master chef Lan Minglu came to Macau to present a classic Sichuan cuisine feast and promote the classic Sichuan cuisine with a hundred dishes.

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Original article published only in Chinese
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The master of the 40-year-old Lan is still a strong Sichuan accent. He is a rumored disciple of Sichuan cuisine, Shi Zhengliang, and the founder of Lanting Thirteen Kitchen & Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. and the National Master Class of Lanming Road. He said: “I always feel that there is an important mission, that is, to name Sichuan cuisine.”
  Speaking of Sichuan cuisine, bright red spicy oil, strong spicy taste, seems to have formed a stereotype. However, the Sichuan cuisine of Lanshi’s father’s hand, which was presented in the Golden Sands Resort for three consecutive nights, is amazing in color and elegant in appearance. Its taste is mild and the fragrance is long. Master Lan’s cuisine with skillful handwriting silently conveyed his heartfelt voice: “The essence of Sichuan cuisine is a hundred dishes, and the spicy is only 30%. Its rich taste is hoped to be more familiar.”

Weird A5 and cattle

As one of the series of activities hosted by the “Golden Feast” chefs, Sichuan Cuisine Chef Lan Lanming Road has brought a feast of “Soul of Sichuan” to the VIP and dining industry leaders in the Golden Sands Resort in Macau. The ingredients are carefully crafted into a selection of superb dishes.

Musk four-color disc is very interesting: the seasoning is changeable, the taste is fresh and mellow and heavy. Qingtang Suyan’s traditionally famous dish of Sichuan banquet is almost as clear as water, fresh and soft, and resembles bird’s nest. The hot and sour Liaoshen is creatively combining the sea with hot and sour powder snacks, which is truly unique and unique. The strange taste A5 and cattle are salty, sweet, hemp, spicy, sour, fragrant and fresh in a pot, showing the unique and harmonious taste. With the renovation of the dishes, there are different degrees of liquor Wuliang liquid lining, unconsciously already slightly stunned.

Oily brine brittany blue lobster

As one of the pioneers of celebrity chefs of its era, it represents the authority of Sichuan cuisine. The famous chef Lan Minglu is committed to developing Sichuan cuisine to the next generation, and makes the dishes more complex and diverse while the taste becomes lighter and healthier. Focus on seafood and vegetables.

Behind a feast is not only the cultivation of taste, but also the wisdom of the North and South teams. The “Golden Feast” series of activities has gathered many first-class masters in the kitchen industry. The Sands team also has rich teamwork experience of “Dancing with Masters”. Lanming Road smiled and recalled: “The first is the matching of ingredients. It needs to be adjusted according to local conditions. For example, there is no live chicken in Macau, suitable ingredients in Zhuhai, no suitable white meat in Macau, abalone, etc., all of which cannot be separated from the team. Efficient cooperation.” He also stressed that the tacit cooperation with the local team’s process is very high, including the operation specifications, the name, the food products are equal, with a clear model for comparison, to ensure the uniform specifications of ingredients and heat.

White asparagus fried morel

At the feast, the dishes were refurbished and presented as flowing water, and the sound of silk and bamboo in the ears was endless, as if they were in Chengdu’s wide and narrow alley. The guests not only enjoyed the traditional Sichuan Opera face-changing performance, but also the ancient Chinese drama performances, as well as the exquisite demonstration of the Kung Fu tea with the long mouth pot. A group of guests are intoxicated, and the guests and guests enjoy it.