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The fifth Chief Executive election ended successfully. Ho Iat Seng was elected as the Chief Executive of the SAR. At the end of last month, the Chief Executive Election Committee of 400 members voted for the election.

Ho Iat Seng was elected as the chief executive of the fifth SAR government. The results of the election will be published in the Macao Special Administrative Region Gazette after review by the Macao SAR Court of Final Appeal and appointed by the Central Government to become the fifth Chief Executive.

Ho Iat Seng  said that after he became the Chief Executive, he will focus on the five major points of the “stable and successful situation, stable and harmonious overall situation”: (1) to improve the level of public governance; (2) to promote diversified economic development; (B) increase the intensity of personnel training; (5) build a cultural cooperation base.
He Yicheng put the promotion of public governance at the first place in governance. He emphasized that this is the basic work of government administration.

In the highly-regarded “promoting economic diversification”, Ho Iat Seng proposed to give full play to the institutional advantages and unique functions of the Macao Freeport, and to build on the “World Tourism and Leisure Center” and the “China-Portuguese-speaking Countries Business and Trade Cooperation Platform”. We will promote an appropriate and diversified and rational layout of the industrial structure, enhance the kinetic energy of economic development and the ability to resist risks, and realize the sustainable long-term development of the Macao economy.

In terms of “optimizing the effectiveness of people’s livelihood construction”, Ho Iat Seng proposed that Macao should build a smart city. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the construction of public housing in Macao, study and construct a reasonable “sandwich class” home ownership ladder, gradually improve the top-level design and execution of housing policies, and accelerate Promote planning and housing construction in the new reclamation area, responding to the housing needs of residents of different incomes, especially the “sandwich class” and youth.
In terms of “strengthening the training of talents”, he said that he will expand the multi-disciplinary education with a targeted and contemporary sense and enhance the comprehensive quality and competitiveness of the youth. At the same time, it is necessary to broaden the space for youth development, implement an active employment and entrepreneurship policy, and actively encourage young people to participate in the construction of the Bay Area.

In terms of “building a cultural cooperation base”, He Yicheng proposed that the implementation of the planning and positioning of “the exchange and cooperation base with Chinese culture as the mainstream and multicultural coexistence” is the key point of the SAR government.

Ho also stated that he should do a comprehensive and accurate implementation of the “one country, two systems” principle, resolutely safeguard the authority of the Constitution and the Basic Law, ensure that Macao’s “one country, two systems” are not deformed and not distorted, and actively respond to the demands of the people’s livelihood and vigorously promote the mainstream values ​​of patriotism and love for Macau. Waiting for four aspects of work. He also hopes to implement “one country, two systems” for Taiwan to learn from.

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