Castle in the Sky

Most music fans first encountered Hisaishi’s music works, which are classic animation works from Hayao Miyazaki. Therefore, this concert will not miss the music in Hayao Miyazaki’s classic anime works. In this concert, we can hear a lot of excellent and exquisite music from Miyazaki’s classic anime works, such as “Red Pig” theme music, “Sky City” theme music, “Witch House Delivery” theme music and many other Miyazaki Jun outstanding animation music works.

Each of the works this time fit the theme of the concert. The content of the performance is based on the original song, inviting outstanding composers to re-arrange the arrangement in a targeted manner, making a version suitable for chamber music and string quintet performances: “Totoro” full of innocence, music The colorful and not-too-large “National Spirit” and “Witch Away”, which combines American country music and folk style, can be said to carefully link the scattered gems; the soundtrack can be said to be no. Vulgar but easy to understand, the melody gives people a unique emotional enjoyment, there is a lot of age tolerance, and different audiences can get a wonderful experience from it. Definitely let everyone revisit the classics, further deepen the understanding of the master’s works, and get a truly wonderful enjoyment. On this night, Hisaishi will take us through Nausicaa ’s aircraft across the valley of wind, hovering in the gleam of the mountain, and then take a quiet old train to slide over the quiet water and run towards the magical mystery Town of……

Hisaishi is not only Miyazaki’s music spokesperson, but also a golden partner of Kitano Takeshi. At the Zhuhai City Hall on January 5, 2020, the Philharmonic Light Music Troupe presented a series of classics such as Hisaishi’s classic music work “Kijiro’s Summer” for Kitano Takeshi’s movie.

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