Casinos reopen – to sounds of silence

Checks of gaming floors today revealed few surprises: among the 29 casinos that reopened last night, very few customers were to be found. Taxi lines were empty. Lobbies were sparsely populated by skeleton staff serving almost no customers. Casino floors had few tables open, and no area had more than a few dozen players seated.

The only interesting point to note was that in a few instances, players that did show up eventually walked away from the entrances in frustration, after trying to figure out how to access the government’s online Health Declaration form. This is required by most establishments for anyone wanting to enter the premises. (The process is not that complicated, but gamblers are not known to be patient people.) 

Most analysts believe it will still be weeks before the situation improves. Only once the central government restarts the Individual Visitor Scheme, and allows tour groups to take bookings again, will tourist numbers start to rise substantially again in Macau.

Watch the video.

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