Caroline Cheng and Her Golden Faith

“All That’s Gold Does Glitter – An Exhibition of Glamorous Ceramics”, hosted by Sands China, is one of the major events in the 2019 series of Art Macao, and Caroline Cheng, a renowned ceramic artist, has become the leading role in the exhibition as the curator and a participating artist.

In the lobby at the main entrance of The Venetian Macao, the exhibition starts with Cheng’s masterpiece Prosperity, a glittering, eye-catching Han Chinese costume. On the whole, it is a Han Chinese costume; but when you come closer, you can discover countless tiny ceramic butterflies of varied shapes gathering on the costume. These delicate butterflies convey Cheng’s understanding of Chinese culture, “butterflies are beautiful and fragile, but they are also symbols of love and romance.”

Before the project is rolled out, Cheng, as the curator, had led her team to visit the venue twice, and she was inspired by the resplendently decorated The Venetian Macao: “the moment I saw the venue, I thought the exhibition must be golden-themed, as gold and sand are two essential elements of ceramics and they happen to fit in with the name of Sands China tacitly. Although each exhibit is different in style, the theme of “gold” can help them echo each other.”

As a world-renowned ceramist and curator, Cheng has founded The Pottery Workshop in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jingdezhen and Dali. Her works are often exhibited around the world and collected by many collectors and a host of museums throughout the world including the British Museum.

Her years of overseas experience have helped gathering a number of outstanding ceramic artists from around the world. As the curator of this ceramic exhibition, Cheng invited 27 world-class contemporary ceramic artists from 13 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, bringing along over 90 exhibits. Most of the works on exhibition are specially made for this exhibition and incorporate “gold” elements to suit the theme.

The Ceramic works on exhibition, in the words of Cheng, manage to combine “beauty” and “technique” – they can be both beautiful and skillful. According to her, the invited artists come from all over the world and most of them have been to China, so they can understand the role that ceramics play in the Chinese culture. As a Hong Kong artist who studied in the United States, started her own business in the Chinese mainland and has been living there for more than 10 years, Cheng is right at the junction of Chinese art and western art and is able to master them with ease. “We often drink tea with ceramic utensils and do worship with ceramic ware. We might overlook them as a form of art and rather regard them as a commonplace part of our everyday life. However, art should be rooted in our life,” She said.

Cheng believes that Art Macao will help enrich the artistic atmosphere in Macao, and she hopes that her creativity and works can help drive Macau, the Greater Bay Area in general and the Southeast Asia to host world-class ceramic exhibitions and bring beautiful works to more people.