The 17th Venice International Architecture Biennale will be attended by a young and promising team from Macau, led by experienced architect Carlos Marreiros. It includes Carlos Marreiros, He Tingfang, Xie Zhikang, Liu Minshi, and Chen Jiada. The Macau pavilion at the May event will be hosted by the Macao Museum of Art under the Cultural Affairs Bureau and co-organized by the Macao Architects Association.

 The theme of the exhibition is “How Macau Will Live: Greater Bay Area – Life Beyond Boundaries”. It aims to allow the audience to understand the transformation of Macau’s urban space from different perspectives.

The judging committee composed of Liang Huimin, deputy director of the Cultural Bureau, Long Bingyan, a professor of architecture at the University of Hong Kong, Meng Jianmin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liang Songyan, chairman of the Macau Architects Association Membership, and Huang Rukai, president of the Macao Architects Association, have previously carried out a rigorous selection process.

In order to better promote the architectural art of Macao to the international stage and better fit the theme of the conference, according to the opinions of the jury, Carlos Marreiros, a senior architect and well-known artist in Macao, was invited to be the curator. The team’s works will focus on the connection and imagination of the Greater Bay Area in urban space, society and life style, explore how the connectivity and deep integration of the Greater Bay Area brings endless possibilities to urban life.

Founded in 1980, the Venice International Biennale of Architecture, is one of the most important architectural and artistic events today. The theme of this year’s conference is “How will we live together?”, reflecting on the symbiosis, competition and challenges brought about by the development of different cities in a globalized landscape. Since 2014, under the name of “Macau, China”, the Cultural Bureau has organized a delegation three times to participate, which has been well received. The organizer hopes that the exhibition area in Macau, China will continue to shine and show the diverse charm of Macau’s architectural art to the outside world.

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