Camping Town Upgraded in Hengqin

Hengqin Star Music and Camping Town has been fully upgraded and upgraded. On July 6th, the park opened to welcome guests.

Grace Geng & VIVIAN MAO (text) / Da Hengqin Pan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (photos)

Original article published only in Chinese
Below is a machine-translated version

Under the background of the “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District Development Plan” and “Hengqin International Leisure Tourism Island Construction Plan”, the Star Ledu Camping Town was invested and operated by Zhuhai Dahengqin Pan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. With the theme of “Qidao Qihang” and the concept of “camping +”, the company is committed to creating a full-age leisure destination with unique accommodation, fun, outdoor sports, education and specialties. After that, it will open on July 6.

The “Xingqita Unpowered World” in the town is the unpowered challenge destination with the highest investment, the most gameplay, the most equipment aggregation and the use of all imported equipment. The non-powered world is a fun challenge facility driven by external energy sources that do not rely on electrical energy, exercise and physical function, realize social interaction between people, and enhance the sense of exploration and social pleasure.

There are three star products in the park, and the world’s largest “deep sea labyrinth” is a challenging three-dimensional castle labyrinth; the “Crystal Tower” contains 91 levels of different levels of difficulty, with a new and exciting outdoor extreme challenge experience; “Maya Adventures”, the towers are patchwork, allowing visitors to explore the mysterious Mayan culture in the facility group.

Here, visitors can make a sound in laughter and laughter. They can also camp in the lakes and mountains, and keep the stars, lakes and mountains, barbecues, laughter and stories in their hearts.

The camping units have many styles

In the camping unit area, nearly 200 sets of camping units have different styles and unique features, which are integrated into Xiao Hengqin Mountain. In the “Stars of the Wilderness”, looking up at the stars into the dream, awakened by the sunshine birds; “Xinghe City State”, as the name suggests, colorful scattered, lying next to the Xinghe River; “exploration tribe”, experience the original and wild, feel the power of breaking the limit burst; And the “City of the Elves” is a childhood dream – living in the leaves, accompanied by the elves. Along the Star Lake of Xingyun, in the “Blue Waters” unit, enjoy the European town-like holiday experience and enjoy the gifts of nature, poetry and distance.

The camp’s theme activities are also rich and diverse, open all year round, such as colorful dyeing workshops, mini hunting grounds, Trolltech Ryukyu, technology remote control car, joy water polo war and many other topics. At the same time, the professional camp education team organizes camps through winter camps, summer camps, family camps, etc., so that campers enjoy pleasant and healthy travel and experience the interweaving of multiculturalism.

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